Meet the Imps

Jose Rosapepe and Stephen Blickenstaff founded Impart, Inc. in 1993

as a vehicle to bring the creations of their combined talents to the public. 


Their characters have been described as 'gross, silly and parent friendly'. In 1995 ScreamSavers debuted as a Binary Software computer screen saver receiving an 'A-' review from Entertainment Weekly magazine. The ScreamSavers image of Too'nFro appears on a Burton snowboard and ScreamSavers stickers were available in vending machines through Cutting Edge Industries.


Also in 1995 Kitchen Sink Press debuted their Scream'OSaurs at the New York Toy Fair as well as presenting them as an animation property.


The Imps are excited about their newest character lines, Megan McFearless and the Sickies, and are sure they will be received with the same excitement as their earlier work.